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Hi, we're Noove.
Our favorite color is purple.

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our story

Our story in a nutshell

Dive into the story of Noove! From the get-go, we've been all about cool ideas and making them happen.

Solving online education

Our team formed throughout the 2020 pandemic chaos. We built the crisis website for the Slovak Ministry of Education while still attending high school. We managed to support over 7 mil. user sessions helping teachers, parents and students stay informed throughout this global crisis.

First technological project

We transformed a hobby project centered around launching weather balloons into a international research effort led by a team of over 30 students. Project Picoballoon redefines the way we collect and use meteorological data, paving the way to better weather forecasts and climate research.

Work for the US Navy

We won a US Navy challenge competing with US based tech companies creating a software for rapid prototyping of replacement parts. We demonstrated our potential internationally and started designing a platform which opens similar opportunities to other students.

Testing challenge cycles

Our first open hackathon focused on automotive and med-tech market. Utilizing our knowledge of making boring IT assignments cool, we helped Volvo Cars with creation of autonomous parking for their factories and Agel redesign the way they approach navigation in hospitals.

Launching the platform

After months spent designing and building this experience we launched a beta platform with the first official challenges waiting for you.

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